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Ever want to be a pirate? To sail the open seas, steal treasure, have fun crewmates, and a queer relationship? Pirates were notoriously queer. There were matelotage unions which were same-sex unions that were a form of marriage for legal purposes but also romantic ones. There were female crossdressing pirates who fought alongside men and were sometimes powerful captains. 

In a historical world that was nearly all male, same-sex relations were common and often accepted as a part of the life. In this Dungeons and Dragons esque game, you will experience life as a pirate and a gay one at that, perhaps even enter into matelotage unions. Maybe be a crossdressing captain. Participate in some great pirate battles and events as true buccaneers in a choose your own adventure game. 

In the Golden Age of Pirecy (1650-1730s), being queer was seen as something that happened and was not surprising in the least. Therefore, this module is more about being a pirate than it is about being queer, although the pirates who are the main features are all queer in one way or another. 

The golden age of piracy started with Henry Avery. He was one of the first pirates to be so successful in taking over a ship, gathering loot, and murdering who he wanted. 

He was a hero to those down on their luck and the stories about him are legendary. The men who would become the famous pirates of the era would have heard his stories and admired him. 

The age of piracy he began would end with Woodes Rogers, a determined fighter for the English government. They wanted pirates to be gone as they were destroying the profitable triangle trade of the Atlantic.

The life of a pirate wasn't an easy one but it was easier than working for the navy or merchant ships. This module will be covering the near end of the age of piracy, before most of the pirates were caught or killed. The pirates of this module sometimes got away but mostly ended up being caught.

This is a fictional story to show the reality of being a pirate. I hope you enjoy this module and its story!

For your convince, here is the Game Master Guide that goes over all this information in more detail.

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